Animal tattoo ideas
Animal tattoo ideas

Animals before animal tattoo ideas, whatever their species, are beings who give us great lessons of life. Have you sometimes taken the time to observe the great team that form ants ? Or the courage of the lion defending his family ? And the great love and goodness of dogs against their owners ?

Millions of people know that animals are unique and that’s why we respect and love them.If you’re an animal lover, maybe you can love it with tattoos.  In addition, you will be surprised to discover the meaning of each of them.

1. The Elephant

elephant tattoo

The Elephants are big and strong animals, they are associated with power and strength but also with peace and quiet because, despite their large size, they are not aggressive animals.

Elephants are also related to the family because they always move in herds. They are loyal and protective. This animal tattoo ideas has a different meaning in every culture but it all comes down to family, success, luck and strength.

2. The Lion

lion tattoo

Lions are considered sacred animals and are generally associated with courage, strength and leadership. No other animal simultaneously inspires fear, respect and reverence like the lion.

If you have a noble character and a powerful personality, this tattoo is perfect for you. In addition I recommend a wonderful tattoo website .If you want to see more wild lion tattoo ideas, click here to see wonderful tattoos.

3. The Giraffe

colorful giraffe tattoo

Giraffes are among the strangest species in the animal world: they are elegant but, at the same time, lefts. Giraffes are impressive because of their size but also adorable. They are intuitive thanks to their long neck and perfect vision. They are able to detect a danger before other species.

If you have an incredible intuition and you like to be unique, a giraffe is a perfect animal tattoo ideas.

4. The Swallows

Swallow tattoo

Swallows are one of the first representatives of the animal kingdom that the man began to tattoo. According to legend, sailors were the first to adopt them on their animal tattoo ideas because they were lucky to go to sea. In addition, they ensured their return home, safe and sound.

Swallows travel and then return to their nest. They are faithful birds and, when they find the ideal spouse, never separate from them. This is why the swallow is a perfect animal tattoo ideas, if you have found your true love or if you are a loyal and loyal person to your nest, your family.

5. The Cat

cat tattoo

Cats are mysterious, ingenious animals that have a great personality and are unpredictable. It is said that when a cat appears by chance in our life, it is to communicate a message of change.

People usually tattoo a cat because of its great characteristics but others simply do it to pay tribute to their pets. Whatever your reasons, this animal tattoo ideas are amazing.

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6. The Dog

leg dog tattoo

Everybody knows dogs are the best friends of people. It is a faithful animal, loyal, affectionate, good, happy and noble. In addition, the Egyptians considered the dog as a guide during the passage of the soul in the afterlife.

If you have or have had a dog, you certainly see what we mean and the best way to pay tribute to your pet will be to wear it forever on your skin.

7. The Owl

owl tattoo

Owls are animals associated with what is magical, mysterious, fantastic and mystical. They are among the most enigmatic birds that exist.

Owls are also related to education and knowledge, which can be a good reason to tattoo one. In addition, the animal tattoo ideas that represent this bird are beautiful and always attract attention.

8. The Fox

fox tattoo

The fox is a clever and intelligent animal; it is a night traveler, which is why it is considered a symbol of magic and luck. Foxes have learned to survive through their ingenuity, wisdom and skill, just like men.

Fox is an animal that drives us to think more deeply and analyze things from different perspectives. If you are a person of this type, animal tattoo ideas one is the best decision you can make.

9. The Turtle

turtle tattoos

Turtles are associated with patience, peace, wisdom and innocence. Many cultures have adopted them as spiritual symbols. They are  rational animals, persevering and patient because of the fable “The Rabbit and the turtle”.

If you love to fight for your dreams, step by step and persevere until you reach your goals, you may want to consider animal tattoo ideas.

10. The Fish

koi fish tattoo

The Fish lives in the water, an element that for many people is considered the representation of our subconscious and our emotions. That’s why these animals that live in the water are seen as an expression of our mental state.

In some cultures, fish is seen as a symbol of creation, transformation, fertility and abundance.


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