10 Effective Ways to Protect Your Skin in Winter
10 Effective Ways to Protect Your Skin in Winter

10 Effective Ways to Protect Your Skin in Winter

As you know, winter is here. Changing weather conditions, hard and windy days, long time to spend on the computer and the air conditioner makes our skin worse.In these challenging weather conditions, we will tell you what is happening to our skin, what we have to do to protect it and what kind of care should be done in the winter.

The weather is cooling in winter months.That’s why our fall body temperature , blood circulation reduces and oil glands work more slowly.When the blood circulation slows down, it becomes difficult for the skin to get its antioxidants and nourishment.Dry skin begins then the skin begins to lose fat.When all this happens, our skin becomes sensitized, it can’t protect itself against external influences and it starts to itch, redden, change color.When the protective layer in the skin becomes thin, cracks and flaking occur.Skin care products used for skin care in winter should be different from the skin care products used in the summer.Nourishing values ​​of skin care products should be higher in winter.If skin care is not taken care of in winter, problems such as wrinkles, cracks, sagging, smudges occur.

What Should We Do ?

1) Face and body, cream, oily soap and gels should be used to prevent drying. It should be noted that the products used are anti-allergic, without side effects. But, if you are going to work or somewhere else within 10 minutes walking distance, it would be wrong to smear the skin for a short period of time. This is the moisturizer you should use, especially if you go to a heated and air-dried environment, your skin will need moisture.

Moisturizing Creams

2) Moisturizers suitable for face and body skin type should be applied after every bath and moisturizers should be applied more frequently to prevent dryness.

Dry skin

3) Dry skin should be cleaned with lotions that do not contain soap components. And it is strictly forbidden to use alcoholic tonics. These tonics remove the bacterial protective layer created by the skin. Itching, excessive dryness and inflammation becomes inevitable.

4) In the winter, the skin layer of the skin with herbal stem cell gel, cream or masks should be renewed according to the type of skin. In addition, to support the lipid layer of the skin can be made at home once a week with a mask containing animal or herbal placenta, once a month you should get a professional skin care support.

 hand lotion

5) If your skin is oily it’s more resistant to cold, but it have a hard time in maintaining moisture balance. That’s why, this type of skin needs the opposite of moisturizers. The best way is to apply the moisturizer before going to bed or before going out.

6) It is important to remember that you need to use a protective lotion to protect your skin after showering and bathing in winter.

lip balm

7) It is important to moisten lips with night cream. Lip balm prevents cracking around the lip. You must protect yourself with a beautiful lip balm during the day. You should avoid licking and eating your lips.

winter care hand and feet

8) After each bath, you must apply moisturizing lotion to your legs. To keep your feet soft apply a lotion containing glycerin in winter.

9) If your skin has spots, wrinkles and sagging problems it’s the best time to find a solution for winter season. Some applications should be carried out in winter, especially when the sun is inactive. For example; like laser applications to the facial skin.

beauty soap

10) Hard soaps are among the factors that increase skin dryness. However, chemicals with high pH are among the causes of skin dryness. Another reason for skin dryness is, of course, too much contact with detergents.


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