Even if you are wearing a denim and a plain sweater, you can be more elegant and stylish with a stylish winter coat or a jacket. In this post you will be able to choose your coat or jacket for this cold winter. Here are the trends of the winter coat and jacket that stand in the front in this season.

Best Clothes For 2018-2019 Winter season


1. Teddy Jacket


It is not difficult to catch the look with the artificial furs that will keep you warm even in the cold days of the winter, with its attitude reminiscent of 70’s fashion! When you go to school or work, your combine is ready with a trousers!


2. Plaid Coat


Plaid is a timeless pattern, but this is the most common trend of this year. A plaid coat, a trench coat or a plaid blazer will fold your elegance.


3. Puffer Jacket


Puffer jackets, which are indispensable in winter, are now worn on any kind of clothing, sport or classic.


4. Raincoat


This is the time to remove the raincoats from the cabinets that will warm up our interior with the colorful models that will reach to our rescue. In rainy weather, while protecting you, the trendy models began to take their place in the hangers. Get ready to catch the new trend with short, long, bright, sport models.


5. Trench coat


This is the golden year of trench coats this year. You can find thick coat looking trench coat as you can find it in fine dress like.


6. Leather Jacket


Among the leather jacket models that appeal to different styles, colorful leathers are among the trends that will attract attention. Classic or sports leather jacket and leather coat models are among those that add color to street fashion with pretentious colors like red, blue, green, yellow and purple.


7. Long Coats


Longer, lower-knee, over-the-shoulder collar and shoulder-length jacket-type coats are very trendy for those looking for more classic and minimal lines. Sometimes you can even choose a stylish heel and skirt with a pair of sneakers and pants. In addition, a model in powder tones may also look quite unusual.


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