look slimmer to jackets
3 Ways to Look Slimmer These 3 coats make you look slimmer

You want to look slimmer despite the winter outfit? Then you should buy one of these coats. Do you know what coats are best for you? Thanks to these coats we recommend, they may look fine.

Best Ways to Look Slimmer

Yes, teddy and down coats are announced, no question. But the cuddly jackets have one drawback: they wear pretty much. If you still want to look slimmer while wrapped in warm clothes, you should grab other cuts. Here are three models that are real figurines wonder.

1)Maxi coat

The current street styles of the fashion blogger make it happen: Maximäntel are just totally hip. Due to their narrow cut they pull the figure optically in the length and cheat so easy a few kilos away. And they have another decisive advantage: They protect our legs from the cold, especially handy when wearing a dress.

2)Waisted coats

You have a slim waist? Then show them with a figure hugging coat, because it directs your gaze to your preferences. Unlike in wide cut coats, your figure in feminine coats looks feminine and makes you look directly slimmer.

Waisted coats

3. Trench coats

Not for nothing is he a true classic among the coats: the trench coat. Because with him you are not only perfectly prepared for wind and cold, but also super stylish on the way. The elegant cut creates a feminine figure by emphasizing the waist.

Trench coats

Extra heat tip for all coats

As stylish as the coats may be, on some days the temperatures drop so much that you should wear an extra warm layer. So that this does not apply and you still look pretty slim in your winter coat, you can grab an inconspicuous and thin padded vest.

look slimmer to jackets

I hope the advice we gave you was helpful.You can click the recommended articles below and have nice hours.


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