Makeup has a big palce in our life because without makeup we would look not classy and not elegant. Thanks to this page we founded the makeup of the celebrities for you. We want to be as beautiful as the celebrities that you see on television. You came to the right place because we will show you exactly how to do celebrities makeup and how to look as classy and beautiful as them. Time to get your makeup tool (cosmetics) ready! By the way if you want to know how much a luxury makeup can get you can still see our post about this subject you just have to click here.  We will see how to do Nicky Minaj‘s famous makeup that we saw on many video clip for her song and concert, Rihanna‘s fenty face makeup that we love and search for it, Taylor Swift and Beyonce flawless face makeup classiness and finally the countouring makeup of Kim Kardashian wife of Kanye West.


How To Do Celebrities Makeup


1- Nicki Minaj’s makeup


Firstly in this makeup for the tint you need to apply face powder of the same color as your skin then put some solar powder to darken a bit your skin like Nicki and finaly apply a pale pink blush on the cheekbones. Next for the eye you need to apply a cyan blue eyelid shadow over the entire eyelid then make an eyeliner line from the inside corner of the eye to the outer corner, stretch it a little to outward. Place super long false eyelashes on at the extern corner. apply white pencil in the inner lining of the eye then apply mascara and intensify the false eyelashes so that it goes up and opens the eyes and draw your eyebrows with a pencil of the same color as them. For the lips use a lipstick fushia pink! That’s it you did Nicki Minaj makeup.


2- Taylor swift’s makeup


For shadows, use soft colors Taylor use a plum, brown, or black smoky shade. Use a paintbrush to gently spread the shadow over your eyelids, the darker colors being outward and in the inner corner of the eyelids. Taylor typically wears black mascara, which goes well with her fair skin and helps bring out her eyes. If you still not look like her put fake eyelash. If you skin is soft put some face powder but if it’s not you need to put a lot. Use a black eyeliner to draw a dark oval-shaped shade on the outside corner. Use a liquid black liner or a fine brush and a little cream, then try to draw a very fine line from the first stroke of a pencil. Taylor Swift is famous for her bright red lipstick but If the red lipstick is too bright for you, you can try a lighter color, such as a subtle rose or even a lip gloss and finaly put some blush on your cheeks. Now your makeup is ready to go!


3- Kim Kardashian’s makeup


Firstly you need to apply face powder all over on the face and the neck obviously, but also and we think less, on the eyelids, the ears, the bust, and even the arms and the legs if the dress imposes it. Shade subtly but surely your eyebrows, trace the corners without exaggerating them at the risk of appearing too hard. Triple your eyeliner layer. Start by drawing a base with a pencil Khôl, then work with a liquid liner and finally finish with a waterproof cream of the same color. Now time to dark circles apply a thick layer of concealer under the eyes in the shape of an inverted triangle (the tip downwards) and brush it to the nose and to the temples before ending with a generous powder. let’s work on eyelashes after applying a first coat on the eyelashes, apply false eyelashes by hand and one by one by putting the longest at the corners of the eyes. Once they are dry, we put a layer of mascara on the set. Contour (the contouring), illuminate, blush and that’s it!


4-Beyonce’ makeup


Apply some concealer points. The triangle method pointing down is only useful if you want maximum coverage. Do not hold your brushes like a big pencil. On the contrary, hold the most towards the end of the handle for more fluidity and control when you fade. For elaborate eyebrows, brush them up to begin with, fill them up and then fix them with a clear eyebrow gel. To fill the eyebrows, start where you see spaces, not in the center. For a natural finish, use only monochromatic pigments. Shades should be only two shades darker or lighter than each other. If you use your fingers to apply makeup, use the ring finger rather than the index, this allows a more subtle application.


6- Rihanna’s makeup


To make your face powder to stay on your face for a long time, apply a compact powder. To do this, you can use a large brush and be sure to spread the powder all over your face. This type of product is intended for fixing a makeup base previously arranged. To enhance the luminous tone of the face, continue your make-up with Shine On compact powder. Makeup of eyes and lips After beautifying your face, sublimate your eyes. To do this, simply use a mascara. Opt for a mascara that allows you to have volume and enhance the eyelashes. As for the lips, apply a gloss of orange color to illuminate the complexion even more. Here, Rihanna’s ultra-sophisticated makeup is at your fingertips!



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