5 Best Haircut 2019
5 Best Haircut 2019

Haircut is the part of the body that is the most important for the look of the men. Of course we are going to improve and change your hairstyle and found one that suits you the better for 2019 new year! After reading this you will be able to choose your perfect hairstyle and get this haircut quickly…

Trendiest Haircut Of 2019

1. Side Part

side part hairstyle

side part haircut

The side part haircut may be suitable for all men. A classic and timeless cut for the modern man who likes to take care of him.


2. The Mullet

mullet hairstyle

The mullet haircut

The Longueuil Cup is back in force this year. Although some like then others less, just take it to rock it thoroughly!


3. Hair Of Surfer

surfer hairstyle

Surfer haircut

Perfect for guys who do not want to spend too much time preparing, but want to look good. Messy, mid-length and not necessarily ultra clean, the hair surfer make a little reminder to the guy in Santa Monica who is washing with seawater.


4. The “Leo”

The leo hairstyle


The Leo haircut

Inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s legendary cut in Titanic, the classic cut of the 90s is back in force this year. We love this hairy-tousled head for its casual side and “young bad boy”.


5. The Crop

The crop hairstyle

The crop haircut

The crop haircut has been around for a long time in Europe, especially in England. Usually very short on the sides, the crop is the mushroom cup of modern times.



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