5 Tips for comfortable wearing High Heels
5 Tips for comfortable wearing High Heels

Blisters, cramps and aching foot pads adé! These five simple hacks make wearing high top shoes not only more comfortable, but also easier. So that we can all hover just as elegantly and safely on high heels.

Five more tips on how to increase the comfort of your high heels can be found here:

1)Tapes toes

As simple as it is effective: taping the third and fourth toes together with a medical tape gives the foot additional stability and at the same time relieves the ball of the foot. Wearing high heels will be more comfortable.

Extra padding for more comfort

2)Extra padding for more comfort

Painful foot pads are besides blisters a major problem with prolonged wearing of high heels. When buying high heels, it is best to make sure that the insole on the ball area is additionally padded. If this is not the case, bale pads help to insert from the drugstore.


3)Plateau heels for long party nights

You want to dance the night with your girlfriends? Then it’s best to turn to heels with platform heels that distribute the pressure more evenly over the entire foot. Her high-heeled shoes with stiletto heels are definitely better off at dinner or an evening in the theater.

Secret weapon Vaseline

4)Secret weapon Vaseline

We always knew it: Vaseline is the ultimate all-purpose weapon! A dollop of cream rubbed on the heel, toes and insole of the shoes, reduces the chafing between foot and shoe and can thus prevent blisters. Meanwhile, there are also great products against bubbles that fit in any handbag. Practical are the new “Anti-blister gel” from Pjur Active or the “Preheels” spray. Just rub in or spray on, let it dry, the invisible protective layer is done!


5)Stretch shoes

By shifting the weight to the front foot, high heels often appear tighter than flat shoes when worn. Special leather stretch sprays can help you get up to an extra shoe size, alternatively, fill a small plastic bag with water, put it in your shoes and put it in the freezer overnight. The stretching that occurs when the water freezes to ice, stretches the heels at the same time.


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