5 tips that You should pay attention to when washing Wool Sweater
5 tips that You should pay attention to when washing Wool Sweater

It keeps you extremely warm, cuddly soft, breathable and wrinkle free: We love wool sweater that warms us in winter days. Not without reason is wool our favorite material in winter and the thick wool sweater the best friend in the wardrobe. Artificial wool sweaters may not be a problem but the natural product has not only advantages, it is unfortunately also a real sensitive: If wool is not washed properly, it can shrink or felt. Five tips to keep in mind when washing and drying wool sweater.

How to Wash Wool Sweaters in the Washing Machine

How to Wash Wool Sweaters in the Washing Machine ?

1. Wash your wool sweater as gently as your hair

Wool is a natural product and comes from the soft fur of sheep, goats or alpacas. In its structure, wool is very similar to human hair, because every single wool fiber is surrounded by a fine scale layer. If it is exposed to wet and heavy friction during washing, it can roughen. The cuticle of the individual fibers gets entangled and matted. If there are high temperatures in the washing machine, the wool can lose its shape and shrink during washing.

Wash your wool sweater as gently as your hair

2. Pay attention to the correct wash cycle

Assuming, on the care label is nothing else, washes wool sweaters, wool hats, preferably in the washing machine. Suitable programs are “wool wash” or “hand wash”. Both washes work very gently, without much movement of the washing machine drum, which prevents the roughening of the fibers. In the washing machine you should throw clothes made of wool for the same reason as little or as short as possible. The washing temperature in the machine must not exceed 30 degrees in any case wool is best washed cold.

3. Take care when washing hands

Contrary to the widespread opinion that hand washing is the best in wool washing, a lot can go wrong here too: Often the wool is washed hotter than in the machine and too much scratched, kneaded or wrung out. The result: It matts or runs in. However, if you prefer to wash your woolen clothes by hand, soften them first in lukewarm water and then rinse them out under running, lukewarm water and then gently pull them into shape again. Tip: Light vinegar in the rinse water is considered a home remedy to refresh the color of the wool.

4. Use the right detergent

This is most important point.Without the right detergent, nothing will go into the care of wool. Mild wool detergents (if necessary also shampoos for babies) have a neutral pH, maintain the structure of the wool fibers and thus protect against felting and loss of shape. On the other hand, full and color detergents as well as fabric softeners have been developed for more robust textiles and higher washing temperatures and are not suitable for washing wool. At worst, they can split and destroy the protein molecules of sensitive wool fibers. Tip: Anyone who wants to give his wool clothing an extra dose of care will occasionally resort to special wool rinses with natural wool wax (lanolin), as these act like moisturizers as well as moisturizing.

Wool Sweaters

5. Always dry wool parts lying down

Wool sucks heavily when washing by hand or in the washing machine and becomes heavy. Wool clothing should therefore not dry like other laundry hanging, because so they can lose their shape, forgiven or leach. Spread the garment on a large towel and roll it up. The towel absorbs the excess water in the laundry. Subsequently, the garment is spread horizontally dried on a drying rack.


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