You have short legs? You wish you longer and slimmer legs? No problem! With these styling tricks you can visually trick. Almost all trousers are too long for you and you can only dream of maxi dresses? No reason to despair. Thanks to this advice your legs will look longer. Here are 7 tricks that cheat your short legs visually longer.

Make Short Legs Look Longer

How to Make Short Legs Look Longer

Long Pants Make Long Legs

1)Long Pants Make Long Legs

The most important rule first: If your short legs should look longer, you should grab to floor-length pants. Tights are slim or straight cut jeans – best in a dark wash. Also great for cheating short legs longer: pants with creases or models with longitudinal patterns such as stripes, because they stretch the body.

Don't Roll Up

2)Don’t Roll Up

Clear, rolled-up boyfriend jeans and chinos look cool, are super hip and the carding spares us women with short legs the annoying shortening. But now comes the bad news: Rolled up or 7/8 pants make the legs look shorter. The reason: the hem visually breaks the leg. So stay away from the hem!

body proportions

3)Buy Pants a Little too Long

Sounds paradoxical, after all, short pants for women with short legs is part of everyday life. But it’s worth it to let the pants long, because every inch of fabric visually extends the legs. Absolute must for this styling trick: high heels. The heel shoes compensate for your missing leg length. When trying on you should therefore necessarily take the high shoes. By the way: The pants have the right length when the hem just touches the ground.

Pointed Shoes

4)Cheating with Pointed Shoes

The perfect cheat aid for longer legs are pointed pumps with a deep toe neckline. Their tapering shape lengthens the foot and thus the legs. These shoes are the perfect choice to wear under the “oversized” pants. The greatest effect is the extension effect if the shoes are the same color as the pants.

High Waist

5)A High Waist Cheats Bigger

Instead of wearing pants or skirts on your hips, you should grab high-waist models, ie trousers and skirts that have a high waist and sit at waist height. Even Empire style dresses are ideal. By the upwardly offset waistband you cheat your visually valuable centimeter leg length and your short legs look much longer.

6)Make it short!

For your legs to work longer, you have to move your body proportions. Means: The upper body must be shorter, the lower body appear longer. Cardigans, long-sweaters or long coats are counterproductive for a long time.


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