Nail polish is very important to us because it complete our dress. And it’s approaching fastly. Do you already have the clothes, the shoes, the purse and the jewels? Are you missing something? The nailpolish. It is a fashion accessory in its own right to remember. Especially for the New Year’s Eve where elegance is in order. It must fit your outfit, your party and your makeup. I give you lots of tips in this article so that your nails are also partying!

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Best Varnish For The New Year

1- The flashy colors
An electric blue varnish, fuchsia and others are colors that catch the eye. You can wear this type of polish with a dress of the same color for a fun look but remains elegant. Be careful not to overdo the flashy colors. If your Eve is a chic cocktail, an electric blue may not be relevant. It’s up to you to see according to your style but also the style of the evening.


2- The autumn colors
There are colors that are very trendy every winter and that can be worn during the holidays if it’s fitting in our style. Eggplant varnish is still very trendy for the event but also before and after. It can be tuned with an outfit in light tones (pale pink or light purple for example). With this type of varnish, it is necessary to play on the contrast between the color of the outfit and the eggplant of the varnish. That’s what makes all the charm. I advise you to wear it with short nails.


3- The french manicure
To make a french manicure, it is the insurance not to make missteps and to sublimate his nails without doing too much. For those who want to be discreet but elegant, the French manicure is perfect. And the best part: it goes with all the outfits, from the most casual to the most sober.


4- The bright red varnish
It is the nail polish par excellence. Chic, elegant, glamorous, sensual, the bright red varnish is timeless for the holiday season. It is a color that highlights your hands but also your style and your outfit. He is perfect with a black dress. In association with a red lipstick, all eyes will be on you!


5- The nail art
Do not forget that parties are also an opportunity to highlight your nails with patterns, stickers or jewelry for nails. It can be a little let go after all without falling of course into ridicule. Nails decorated with snowflakes, small Christmas trees, stickers Christmas balls, show imagination. This is the occasion or never!

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