6 Wrong Known with Fitness Exercise

A inactive life affects negatively your social life and most importantly your health. Include sport, regular exercise in every moment of your life and avoid rumors without scientific accuracy. Here’s the wrong thing about exercise.

Fitness Exercises Mistakes

Fitness Exercise MistakesFitness Exercise Mistakes

1) Less severe exercises are less helpful: Wrong !

Many people may not care about thinking that low-intensity exercises such as walking and gardening are useless for the body. However, low-intensity exercises – taking care of as many garden works as possible every day, running 5 minutes a week or running 20 minutes a week and maintain health and reduce the risks associated with many chronic diseases and extending life expectancy.

2) The more you get tired in exercise, the more useful: Wrong !

If fatigue is not felt after training, the idea that exercise should be increased is not correct. If there is no pain, there is no gain of development of musculoskeletal system and an idea that can cause cardiac problems. Scientific studies, without considering the pain of  exercise, can cause serious injuries and many health problems can be revealed.

3) Crunches melt belly fat: Wrong !

It is not very effective to perform special abdominal exercises to burn the abdominal fat, for example, to do a crunch. Rather no workout has no special effect to dissolve localized fats. So, exercises such as crunch to the abdomen can make our abdominal muscles visible.

4) Metabolism slows down with age increasing: Wrong !

This discourse is partly correct, but the most important factor that slows down the metabolism is the physical activity of the person and consequently the decrease of the muscle mass due to the increase in age.

5) Low tempo exercise reduce fats: Wrong !

The idea of ​​keeping the exercise pace low to reduce fats is also one of the many wrongs. Low-paced exercise may appear to be more effective in burning fat, but high-tempo exercise contribute to lose weight. Because exercises does not use an isolated energy source and your goal is weight control, severe exercises, low-paced exercises are combined, interval exercises are the most accurate.

6) Exercise should be done on an empty stomach: Wrong !

The timing of exercise is related to one’s habits. Exercise should be done two or three hour before the meal. For those who do sports early in the morning, this period should be reduced from breakfast by drinking more liquid. When the abdomen is made, the person may not have enough strength to continue the exercise. You can do the right exercise with our advice.


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