Discover the trendiest beard styles of winter 2019. A fashion accessory and symbol of virility, the beard is elegantly worn by many men. You too have decided to let your beard grow but you do not know what style of beard to adopt? The beard depends on your personality, the morphology of your face and your implantation. To help you make your choice, we present the beard styles of winter 2019 best suited to the shape of your face.


Trendiest Beard Style You Can Rock In 2019


1- Goatee Beard


This is a small beard that covers the chin and can take if you want many forms. The rest of the beard is shaved, including the mustache. If the goatee is short and thin, it is called a goatee. For a trendy and modern style, keep your goatee steady so that it dresses the bottom of your face without disrupting your style.

2- Short Beard


This is the trendiest beard style of the moment! This look, which is both masculine and elegant, is more and more adopted by men. With this mature and protective side that gives you a 10 day beard, you are likely to please women. Indeed, a study conducted by the University of New South Walas in the United Kingdom, showed that women preferred the 10-day-old beard. In addition, if you have a sparse beard, your beard will appear more uniform and less neglected.

3- Full Beard


This beard is for men who have a naturally provided beard. Usually reserved for seniors, the long beard is now modern and trendy. In particular, it has been updated by the Hipsters, a community who love the vintage style. However, it is the beard style that requires the most care and the most time. Indeed, it usually takes several months to get a perfect full beard. You can use a natural beard accelerator to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the beard. In addition, the hipster beard is preferably associated with a very classy clothing style, to avoid the neglected look.

4- Van Dyke Beard


The Van Dyke beard style takes its name from a famous painter from the 17th century, the Flemish portraitist Anthony Van Dyck. Consisted of a full goat with a separate mustache. Although many variants exist, the authentic Van Dyke is composed of a pointed goatee and a well carved and supplied moustache. To keep a modern look, make sure your mustache is no longer than your goatee. This style, called the imperial beard was not worn but in winter 2019 all girls will fall in love for your beard.

5- 3 Day Stubble Beard

3 Day Stubble Beard

Elegant and versatile, the 3-day beard is probably the beard style most worn by men today. This falsely neglected look will bring you virility and charisma. Provided, of course, to maintain your beard regularly with a beard trimmer.


6- Van Dyke Goatee Beard

Van Dyke Goatee Beard

This is the kind of beard that surround the mouth. Consisted of a goatee and a mustache. This beard style was trendy in the 2000s, the goat is a timeless classic and goes everywhere. This style of beard is particularly suitable for men who have a round face, giving the impression of lengthening the face and reduce its curves. The goat is simple to obtain, provided you maintain it regularly and carefully.

7- Pointed Beard

Pointed Beard

The pointed beard, also called Ducktail, is a very structured beard with a length effect down. This style of beard, both wild and controlled, will give you a distinguished and original look. The principle of the Ducktail is to make the hairs grow longer, that is to say, short at the cheekbones and long at the chin. To do this, we will play on the lengths using several hoof heights to create a progressive gradient print. However, to wear it with elegance, this style of beard requires a lot of patience and care.

8- The Savage Beard

The Savage Beard

The wild beard is the most natural beard style. To get this style of beard, simply let it grow for several months or even years. The maintenance of this type of beard is essential and the application of a beard oil daily is essential to avoid knots and facilitate the cap. To contrast with the neglected appearance of your beard, you will need to pay close attention to your dress style, which will have to go perfectly, and look after your haircut.


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