Air Jordan 11 Concord 2018 (Retro)

This morning, something big happened in all sneakers. The shoe industry will be focused on one thing. One of the best sneakers ever, this shoe is the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”. You can buy these rare shoes from you closest Nike store. You can wear them in your daily life and easily combine that shoe with your clothes and your hairstyle. The Concord is a very limited edition shoes that you need to add in your collectin if you have the time and the money, because they are not that easy to find. Air Jordan has made the concord to make a tribute to the NBA player Micheal Jordan.

How much is the Jordan 11 Concord ?

How much is the Jordan 11 Concord

This sneakers  is now on sale at 220 USD since December 8. This shoe is expected to break its record in 2016, Nike sales record breaked with Space Jam 11. Now this shoe can break a new record. You can expect a remastered version with a higher-cut leather build. The sneaker is available in full family sizing. This color, along with others on the sole and throughout are what give the shoe its name, due to the patented “Concord Grape” color. The 2018 retro will include “45” on the heels. This means that Jordan played a short time in his career with the jersey number 45. Just like shoes coming out two years ago. Originally released during 1995, now we saw the first retro release take place in 2000. Original look protection is very nice for this shoe. You’ve seen these shoes on many NBA players. Also Jordan had played a lot of matche with these shoes. One of the beautiful shoes we can add to our collection. The shoes that a lot of people had been waiting for, were finally offered for sale this day.

Air Jordan 11 Concord family size


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