Glasses, which is an accessory that we will not separate from you, are very important for fashion.Let’s look closely eyewear trends 2019 together.

You feel like a change?  We’ll show you the three most important eyewear trends and reveal which of the trends best suits your type.

The glasses fashion is almost as varied and changeable as the 4 seasons: big or small glasses, frameless glasses or glasses with a striking frame, round, oval or square glasses, wearers of glasses regularly have the agony of choice among the new eyewear trends 2019 the perfect To find glasses that match the personal style, but also the face shape.

Top 5 Glasses Trends for 2019

We’ll tell you what’s going on in eyewear and how to get the right eyewear trends 2019 for you

1: Round Glasses

Eyewear with circular lenses or the roundish panto glasses in a retro look are currently among the most important eyewear trends. The models fit perfectly with the trendy 70s style with airy blouses, flared pants or flowing maxi dresses. The frames will be filigree and thinner overall than they were last year. Also super trendy: eye-catching nose pads.

Round Glasses

2: Frameless glasses

One of the big trends for 2019: Frameless eyewear. True to the motto: the less, the better the focus in the new season is on minimalism and clear lines. Nevertheless, the glasses are anything but boring. The designers have come up with some ideas for the frameless models: glasses with tinted edges or facet cut, six- or octagonal glasses or eye-catching hangers and bars, which are immediately an eye-catcher.

Frameless glasses

3: Cateye shape

Retro glasses are in! This is also proven by the third eyewear trend. So-called cateye or butterfly glasses were already popular in the 1950s and have been making a big comeback for several seasons. Typical for this eyewear trend is the tapered shape, reminiscent of cat’s eyes.

Cateye shape

4: Double Bridge Glasses

Double-bridge eyewear was already a big thing in 2018, but in the new year it reaches its peak. The retro glasses come in the new season with strikingly shaped nose bridges and extravagant material and color combinations.

Double Bridge Glasses

5: Matrix glasses

Super cool and up-to-date the darlings of the fashionistas: micro-glasses in futuristic shapes. The mini-matrix glasses are not only super stylish, but also pimp up every simple outfit in an instant. If you want to go for a ride, choose models with colored lenses.

Matrix glasses


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