Frozen Blonde is the New Hair color trend
Frozen Blonde is the New Hair color trend

The latest hair color hype “Frozen Blonde” takes Disney Princess Elsa as a model. A style that comes at the time of the cold season – but also requires some effort at the hairdresser.


frozen blonde

Frozen Hair: Hair is icy as Disney Princess Elsa

Since Princess Elsa blew the first time across the big screen in 2013, she has not only taken the hearts of little girls by storm, but Pinterest has also become the “Frozen” altar: There, the ideas for birthday celebrations, beauty tips and even weddings outdo each other the motto of the Disney classic. The latest trend: “Frozen Hair”. The ice-blonde hue literally tops the movie hype – artfully woven or in natural waves. So the hair color “Frozen Blonde” was born.

frozen elsa

frozen hair

“Frozen Blonde”: The trend takes time

To create that cool shade, Joseph applied the paint in two sessions seven weeks apart. According to Joseph, that was the key to the “Frozen Blonde”: a healthy structure of the hair was at such an intensive treatment. “I do not do anything that affects the health of my hair, and the Ice Blonde has to be patient.” After seven weeks, he corrects the color with the same color formula, he only adjusts the processing time for the middle lengths and ends. “I would not use a whitener if it were not Olaplex,” Joseph said. Despite the very good reviews and results from Olaplex, which cares for the hair so much that it is considered a repair miracle, you still have to be careful.

new hair color

new hair

Disney Princess Elsa


For the perfect Elsa look, healthy hair is a must! To get that, you need patience, good products and a slow adjustment of color. A good hairstylist should know that this hue can not be achieved in one go.


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