Get Your Skin Ready For Winter 2019
Get Your Skin Ready For Winter 2019

Winter is approaching. We made a big research about how to take care easily and effectively your skin in winter 2019. Are you and your skin ready for the increasingly cold weather? After reading this you will be more resistant to cold weather and you will be more beautiful. Here is a guide to preparing your skin for winter …


Make Your Skin Resistance To Winter In 3 Step


The cooling of the air and the dryness of the air make our skin lose moisture. The first step to contain moisture to the skin is the creamy formula in your skin cleansers. Give a short break to your refining, excess granular wash gels. If you are doing it every day in the summer, apply once a week to prevent your skin from drying out.



Skin cream

When we start taking a shower in hot water in winter, the moisture balance of our body changes again. At these times, use warm water and heavy chemical, non-alcoholic skin products. After the bath, you can use oil-based or greasy moisturizers to trap moisture into your skin. Don’t forget to cream your hands!



Hair cream

Hot weather and salty water, our summer hair is getting ready to face the cold this time. Get a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, plus a weekly care mask.


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