Grow hair quickly 7 tips
Grow hair quickly 7 tips

You regret your decision to cut your hair, or you want to grow hair as soon as possible for your or a wedding. This subject is for you! Do not expect a miracle to quickly grow hair, but you can grow hair in a healthy way with these suggestions.


How To Grow Hair In A Short Time

1- Replace your pillow case


Experts say that cotton pillowcases create more friction between your hair and the pillow and therefore create more hair loss and mix them. You can choose a pillow case from a satin fabric, it will be more comfortable for your head and will help you sleep peacefully. It will help grow hair quickly.


2- Pay attention to your nutrition


It is important to include protein, vitamin C and E in your diet. For example, the protein-rich egg also has Biotin, which is also used against hair loss. Vitamin E that regulates your blood flow means healthy hair follicles. More healthy hair follicles provide quicker grow hair. Vitamin C is the assurance of healthy skin and hair by secreting collagen in the body.


3- End it with cold water


Rinse your hair with cold water for a few seconds before leaving the shower. By this way, the heat is caused by hair loss and the moisture is trapped in your hair. In addition, washing your hair with very hot water will make your hair wear out and strongless.


4- Say goodbye to hair stylers

hair straighteners

If you already read to here you are really determined to grow hair in a short time. Then say goodbye to hair straighteners and all product like this. High heat will damage and fray your hair. If you think you can’t do without it, apply heat-protective hair care products.


5- Don’t neglect hair care lotion

woman taking bath

While the shampoo take off the dirt and oil in your hair, hair lotion give your hair a healthy and radiant look with its nourishing properties. To avoid the disruption of the natural oil balance of your hair, skip the occasional shampoo step in your bathroom routine. Apply only a small amount of hair lotion.


6- If you cut, it will grow quickly. TRUE!

hair cutting woman

Yeah, many of us are afraid of getting a haircut. The reason for this is ’I want to take only the ends‘ and the hairs are suddenly shortened. However, if you cut your ends hair, they will grow hair quicker and in a healthy way.


7- Massage your hair

hair washing women

In the shower, massage your wet hair from the root of the hair to the front. The stress of the day will be gone and the blood of the roots of your hair will accelerate.


If you have better tips share it with us! Take care, see you! 😉


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