Hi everyone ! Today we are as Latestfashiontrends family gonna tell you how can you blow you hair as well as use with 5 easy ways.This ways is maybe gonna look you hard but not afraid because we will show you easy ways.Lets Start the ways !

1. Firstly you must wash your hair slowly !


İf you are wanna beautiful blowed straightly hairs, you must wash your hairs with high quality content shampoo.This firstly way’s important point is when washing your hair you must be slow.Because hair is really a sensitive location on your body.Because of this reason if you wash your hair with cold water and high quality shampoos is more add brightness and healthly.

2. İf you wash your hair You Can Dry Now !

The important point here is to dry politely your hair with your hairdryer. And another important point is to dry your hair slowly and don’t break your hair while doing it. If you scrub your hair you will have hair fractures occur.

3. After enough drying, the Hair-Blow Process Begins !

The Hair-Blow process is the most important way to get straight hair. If you can’t do this process, your chance to make straight hair is very low. When you blow your hair, your hair brush is always turned to 360 degree with your hair driyer machine. The brush must be at an average of 2-3 centimeter close to your hair-dryer machine. Your brush should follow your hair dryer machine and shouldn’t stop while turning at 360 degree.

4. When the Hair-Blow Process is Finished What Should I Do ?

İf you finished your blow-hair process you can spray your hair carefully. I tell you “carefully” because this is a sensitive point for your hair looking. İf you put too much spray, your hairs gonna be wet and damped look.

5. The Finishing Touches.. And We Are Ready for the Perfect Looking !

The last point is to delicatly touch your hair. You should delicatly touch your hair and make it straight with your hand. Now you are ready for the party!


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