Beach cover up
Beach cover up

Beach cover up

I imagine that you are all dreaming of your holidays that are fast approaching and that you are looking for a perfect beach cover-up.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when you chose your beach cover-up !

1. The Perfect Tissue Material For Her Beach Dress

We usually bend it or make it a ball and put it in our beach bag when we arrive and settle.

So from a practical point of view, it must take as little space as possible so that it is easy to store in the bag and especially that it does not wrinkle.

The question of tissue is therefore essential. We will prefer fluid and light materials that do not clutter and do not wrinkle. For the bag, these criteria are equally important.

We can consider: Jersey, cotton, linen, ultra fine mesh, openwork material. But the  linen usually creases easily so to see depending on the model…

A material that moves and does not stick to the skin is important … why?

Because wearing a tight dress is very uncomfortable with the shirt and this, especially when it is wet and you have not planned an extra set of clothes… You will feel uncomfortable and you will sweat at the breasts and buttocks. Avoid all materials that stick to the body.

2- The Ideal Cut For Our Beach Dress

The ample and fluid dress has several practical advantages:

  • we can change on the beach without showing our buttocks to everyone: changing our panties “fingers in the nose”.

  • at the end of the day, when it’s cooler, we’ll be able to re-wear it easily.
  • we will be able to sit comfortably on the ground cross-legged to admire the sunset.

3- The Good Neckline For Our Beach Dress

I advise you to favor a neckline unobstructed, as wide as a neckline boat for example. Because when you wear a swimsuit that attaches behind the neck, the collar and bridle / knot overlay can be very unpleasant and create a mass of material on the neck.


So we avoid the small necklines near the neck.

4- The Practical Dress For The Beach

The more sophisticated the dress, the less it will be appropriate (and practical) for the beach. We avoid all the complexities: multiple fasteners, shiny details, overlays of ruffles, tulle or any other piece of fabric.

The ideal for the beach is to bet on dresses with a minimalist style, simple and clean lines as can be found in American Vintage for example or in the collection sea and beach at Esprit.

♣ What are your favorite beach dresses?


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