How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo
How to Take Care of Your New Tattoo

Tattoo is very important and special for the people who make it.  To have a good tattoo, the care and protection practices that you will do as well as the mastery of the person who does the least tattoo are very important. Deciding to have tattoos is very difficult to deal with after taking care of after having it done.

Those who have tattoos know, in the care process, each head sounds separate and you will be surprised at who you will listen to.  There are many ways to care for the new tattoo. Now we will look at things that we do after tattooing and what we should not do.

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 New Tattoo Care Tips

1)6 hours after the tattoo process is completed and the tattoo is packed, remove the bands and the bandage.

2)You can obtain comfortably even from the nearest convenience store with an antibacterial soap so that no more soap residue on your tattoo, rinse it. Do not use hot and warm water.

3)After you have cleaned your tattoo with antibacterial soap, wipe dry with a clean paper towel. In addition, after this process, your new tattoo should not be covered in any way and do not last anything.

4)After 6 hours, wash and rinse and dry your tattoo with Anti-Bacterial Soap once more as described in point 2 and 3. During this time, do not sweat and be exposed to possible conditions in the presence of microbe.

5)It is the most important maintenance rule that after the last wash, the tattooed area does not come into contact with water for at least 4 days. In this period, the area treated with tattoo needles is open wound and has the potential to be infected.

6)About 4-5 hours after the last wash, it is recommended to apply a pure vaseline over the new tattoo 4 times a day for 1 week.

7)At the end of one week, the main part of your care will be completed, the tattooed area will be fully healed and you should stop the vaseline. Other important issues; If a shower is required after the tattoo is made, cover the tattoo area with stretch film and vaseline. After taking your shower, throw the stretch film and take more vaselini with paper towels. A lot of vaseline will not allow the tattoo zone to come into contact with water. You should not swim in places such as sea, lake and pool that can be germs and bacteria for at least 2 weeks after you have made a tattoo.

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Don’t Do That!

If the area where the tattoo is scratched, don’t scratch it, you can touch it on the itchy area. You should wait until the shells on the tattoo are not peeled off and throw the shell out of itself.

Tattoo aftercare

Do not expose to direct sunlight for at least 4 weeks after tattooing. When the tattoo is well healed, protect your new tattoo with a high-factor sunscreen when sunbathing. Your tattoo may fade with skin peeling in this area.

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You should not wear tight clothing that may irritate the tattoo. Particularly during the healing process, the shells can be covered with your clothes.

After the tattoo has been healed, the recommended cream will continue to be applied for a while and will make the tattoo shine.

Tattoo Care Tips

When showering, do not make any hard interferences with pouches or fiber-like things.

Especially pets like Cat, Dog will avoid the germs of the tattoo and help them to heal properly.


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