If you like to wear a long hair, know that this hairstyle is trendy again thanks to Jason Momoa. This actor of Oceanian origin, known for his role in Alerte in Malibu and more recently for Game of Thrones (he played Khai Drogo) and Aquaman. Recently this style became more and more trendy you can easily combine this hairstyle with many clothes more trendy than the other. The Jason Momoa style is more Rock’n Roll than casual.

How To Be Like Jason Momoa ?


Jason Momoa currently wears long hair, slightly disheveled and discolored on the lengths. If your hair is curly, do not hesitate to wear it too, just like Kit Harrington from Game Of Thrones. Having the same hairstyle as a serial cult hero is not bad?  Famous men’s hair stylist Vaughn Acord says: Sometimes you have to work hard with your hair to make it look cooler. After showering, apply very little rinsed conditioner to your hair and hover with your finger and let it like this too give it a look more savage! If you have difficult time to grow your hair you can take a look to our last post about Grow Hair Quickly 7 Tips!


To look more stylish, wet hair, a styling or care cream, is enough to apply. Use a comb to highlight a specific section, and then store the rest under your ears. It doesn’t seem to require much effort. Gather your hair and turn it to the back of your head (above the ear) until it becomes spiral. put the tip of your hair under the knob and bind with a rubber pin your hair to make a knot. If you don’t know what to wear with this hairstyle you can just buy a leather jacket a with T-shirt and a black jean, don’t forget the skull head rings and necklace


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