After her success in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie blow our eyes with her new role.┬áSay goodbye to the californian blond, hello to the tufted russet and the pimply skin … Margot Robbie does not stop at nothing when she is offered a role, and so appeared metamorphosed on set of her next film, Mary Queen of Scots, by Josie Rourke. Cast to interpret Queen Elizabeth I, the 27 year-old star had to adapt her physique to a monarch of the sixteenth-century wich was known for her trademark features and flamboyant hair.

Margot Robbie Gained Weight For her New Cast


Margot Robbie is barely recognizable under her red wig, her totally clear forehead and her nose partially redone to look like the Queen of England who died in 1603. The actress’s photos on the set in Gloucester, England, were broadcasted in a news site, with the caption “Are you really Margot Robbie?”. We can see that the actress has really changed for this role.

Before Margot Robbie, it was Cate Blanchett who lent her body to Queen Elizabeth I ere, on a biopic on the Sovereign in 1998 – Elizabeth: The Golden Age, by Shekhar Kapur.


This is not the first time the actress has metamorphosed for a role. Recently, she had to put prostheses on her body and face to look like the skater Tonya Harding, for Craig Gillespie’s movie, Tonya, which was release in 2017.

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