New Winter Trends For Men 2019

Fashion continues to emphasize different styles quickly over the years. The trend of changing trends is increasing, but there is still a uniformity of color and style on a season basis. Men are often one step behind, although women are more closely tied to trends every term. But they also benefit from the trends in the shelves without taking notice of.


2019 New Fashion Style For Mens

1. Effective as black; earth tones

Effective as black; earth tones

The earth tones we have included in the autumn winter trends for women will be dominated by men. From jackets to trousers to bags and accessories in almost every piece. Especially in the wild west and scout themed collections that occupy a large part of earth tones in your closet must make room for sure.


2. Matrix weather; leather parts

Matrix weather; leather parts

The leather, which completely captures women’s fashion, enters the podium without making much of its weight, including outerwear and belts in men’s fashion. However, since most of the leather parts are long and ambitious, men will be able to attract attention with every piece they wear.


3. XXL Shoulder jacket

XXL Shoulder jacket

The large-body current is growing with wave every day. XXL jackets were also included in the creations prepared for men this season. Even though we are discussing how well it is discussed, let’s not be surprised when we see big jackets.


4.¬†Indispensable for every period; 90’s

Indispensable for every period; 90's

Big sneakers, suit tracksuits and fisherman’s hat. The passion of the 90s who are silent in us continues this season. I like the vintage shelves of the new season. It won’t be hard to reach these pieces.


6. Scottish breezes; plaid

Scottish breezes; plaid

Plaid in the winter season we will wrap around on four sides. Almost every piece of plaid will be very easy to find, plus a wide variety of colors. On the catwalk, we saw especially in big size trousers and jackets, so let’s see how it’s reflected on the street.


7. Sweaters combined with cartoon characters

Sweaters combined with cartoon characters

This year we will be able to find cartoon elephant characters for free spirits.


8. Skiing fashion comes down to the city

Skiing fashion comes down to the city

You can prepare to wear all your coats and boots in the city as you go skiing. These parts that we saw in brands such as Lanvin, Vetements, Louis Vuitton, have already shaken us.


9. From the wild; wooly splendid coats

From the wild; wooly splendid coats

These coats, which will keep you very warm and will be an indispensable part of your closet for many years, look quite spectacular. The layers of wool that fill the inside of black, coffee and white are a key part of the coats and keeps you warm.


10. Classic; fine lines

Classic; fine lines

Fine lines are often seen in suits. If your eyes are old, thin-lined teams take their places on the shelves. It offers both elegance and comfort to men in city life.


11. The surrounded us; space fantasy

The surrounded us; space fantasy

Again, we suspect that you can land on the streets, and the stretches of space with interesting designs on the catwalks are the fashions of this season. Space grays, bright raincoats and others can be found in everyday products, although their effects are not as hard as on the podium.




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