Stranger Things is a Netflix serie with a big successe. Three children investigating the disappearance of their friend. A strange teenager and a monster on the run. A government plot. With their series, the Duffer brothers make a very successful declaration of love to the cult movies of the 80s. Now we know that the season 3 is coming we are more and more hyped to see Stranger Things. If it’s still too early to know what happens to the Will Byers gang, there is one thing for sure: there are ideas to take in Hawkins kids’ dressing room.

Best Old School Clothes



Not only is Mike the coolest on the band, but he’s also the one who knows how to wear a corduroy collar jacket… You know, your father’s jacket. With a skater t-shirt, well-fitting trousers and suede tennis shoes, like our friend, your Saturday look will have a little old-fashioned touch and a special touch.


Retro and dominant brown colors


A very clever person who would have said that wearing brown over brown was stylish. On a jacket with fur collar, corduroy trousers or a big sweater, this retro color makes a second youth. While the Lucas sweatshirt includes almost all the color range of the fall, we find khaki, orange-yellow and beige derivatives all over the streets.


Nike Cortez


Image of the college bad boy, Steve is the one with the most elaborate cut and seems to be born to wear Nike Cortez. Having never really disappeared of the radars and cabinets, the Cortez embodies the perfection of the 80s, when we start to give streetwear and sportswear.


Long jackets and cool haircuts


Here is Eleven with a new haircut cut and a khaki worker’s jacket that stands out clearly. Think Hybride between the long shirt, the hoodie coat. If you add a turtleneck with a 3/4 zipper, you get the ultimate trendy look.


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