skinny pants for short womens
skinny pants for short womens

Finding good styles and wearing very nice clothes situations is a lot of women’s problem. Because of this we writed this article for fashion finder and women who care about their clothes. We will tell you now “How can you create a good style for you“. Firstly look at yourself through the mirror carefully while starting. If you looked and saw yourself on the mirror you can think about “your style”.When this first step is over you will have style ideas in your head and the job will be easier now. After checking your weight, height, skin color type, lifestyle and hairstyle you can start creating your style.


1- If you like Old Style Vintage Fashion this is For You

vintage style for you

Vintage style is the best choice of old lifestyle liked womens. If you wear vintage styled clothes you will look different in all the communities.

Choose Your Fashion Style !

2- Skinny Style for Short Girls

skinny pants for short womens

If you want to question me what i mean by “short girls” i’ll respect you because its normal.You should wear skinny clothes if you have short height. Because you will be look more long when you wear it.

3- Bohemian Style for Women who like to look different

Bohemian Style for Women who like to look different

Bohemian style liked womans usually wanna be different. If you are one of them, you must add bohemian styled clothes on your wardrobe. Include your combine foulard, wrapped clothes and indian like clothes.

4- Chic Style for Special Days

chic style for specially days

When you go to a special celebrities or special events absolutely perfect choice is “Chic Style”. Because Chic style will add you more heavy appearance when you wear. High heeled shoes, long earring, expensive necklaces and chic looking coats is favorite for “Chic Style”.

5- Hot Fashion Style

Hot Fashion Style

The hot looking style clothes shows your charasteristic features with your clothes colors. The color that you wear shoul shouw your characteristic features and hobiess don’t forget to use hot clothes. Secretary style clothes and usually black and red colors are favourite of this style.


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