After autumnal reds, fallayage and brown “Latte Hair” comes the cutest hair color trend of spring: “Opal Hair“. Everything you need to know about the new color and how to color it.

What is Opal Hair Trends

What is Opal Hair Trends

Fresh in the spring! Following the winter color trends “Mulled-Wine-Hair”, “Vanilla-Crème-Brullée-Hair” and “Gingerbread-Latte-Hair”, a new color trend from Instagram is now conquering our hair and hearts: “Opal Hair” The proof: Around 20,000 photos have already been tagged under “Opal Hair” an absolute trend signal!
But what exactly is “Opal Hair”? Below that, one can imagine hair colors that, like an opal, easily change their nuance in the light. This effect is created by means of several colors in the hair. For the new “Opal Hair” trend in spring, a soft peach is used, which is refined with silver-colored pink and a little ice blue. A color pattern, which also unicorn fans or mermaids like.

new hair trend

For whom is it suitable?

Particularly suitable is “Opal Hair” for blondes, the pastel colors on platinum-blonde hair are best used. But even darker blond tones can be dyed in opal style, then just with darker pastel shades like purple and blue. If you are brunette you have to lighten the hair before, because darker than ash blonde you can not see the pastel tones unfortunately. By the way, for dyeing you can use permanent colors as well as semi-permanent tints or hair combs or sprays for single use. With permanent coloring, however, a professional ran!

Further inspirations:

We’ve collected some pictures that can inspire. You can do this by looking at these pictures.

Opal Hair blonde


Opal Hair Trends


Opal Hair color


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