The skin care is among the most important things in peoples life.İf already not important for you, you are not living a nice life.Because the skin care makes you feel better and therefore if you take care your skin you will join life, improves your self-confidence, and more importantly,  you will become a healthier person.You should protect your skin to external factors for have a smooth skin.The sun and sunlight, chemical containing products, your friends’s dirty hands and air pollution among the external harmful factors for your skin.Especially the sunlight of solar radiation the most dangerous factor for your skin.İf you dont protect your skin from the sunlight, you will be older more faster and wrinkles will occur on your face.Well, How do we protect our skin from these external factors ? Here we go to answers.

How can we make our skin more beautiful ?

1- You Should Protect Yourself From Sunlight.

suncream for sunlight
suncream for sunlight

Summer lovers will be sad when read this paragraph.But we are have to tell you this, the sunlight is very dangerous and harmful for your skin.You should apply suncream to your skin on sunny weather days.Even and even not only in sunny weather, sunlight is always radiates radiation.Therefore you must apply always sunscreen on your face.

2- You should drink enough water for your body.

drink water,drink water enough for your body

You need to know how much water your body needs in a day.İf you dont know this information, here we are tell you.Your body is needs 0.5 water per kilogram.Example if you are 60 pounds guy, you must 3.0 liters water in a day.Water is most important thing for the peoples’s need to sustain life.And water when you drink enough good effect your skin in short time.

3- Eat foods containing antioxidants every day.

foods with antioxidants containing

The fastfoods are producing oxidans on your body when you eat.You should know, that containing antioxidants foods will fight harmful oxidans, viruses, bacteria when you eat regularly routine.You should eat at least 5-6 times foods with antioxidant content a week.

4-Balance your Face Humidity

balance your face humidity

Humidity balance is among the best ways for more beautiful face skin.İf you wanna more smooth skin, balance your humidity ratio.How do we balance the humidity? Here the ways;

1- Use the most suitable moisturizing creams for you.

2- İf you have a oiled face skin type, you can apply suitable face masks on your face.(Clay mask the best choice for you, but dont overdose when you apply.The apply frequence is up to one or two times a week.)

3- Wash your face so many times in a day.


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