During the Winter 2019 show in New York, London, Milan and Paris, it was very clear which makeup trends really are in fashion. For winter it is clear: more is more! You must know these trends now. Plus: Instructions for re-styling the looks in everyday life

New Makeup Trends Tips and  Tutorials

Cat Eyes

1)Cat Eyes

Sure, Cat Eyes are a classic. But winter 2018 shows, they were strikingly exaggerated. Say: The swallowtail stuck out far beyond the eye. The best way to make the eyeliner, this trick to apply: First draw small dots along the eyelash line and then connect them together. At the corner of the eye, draw a small triangle on the outside and paint it. If the line does not succeed at all, stick on a small piece of Tesa and draw it down like a ruler.

Neon mania

2)Neon Mania

Anyone who grew up in the 90s, can remember exactly that at that time no fashion look without neon colors went. Now there is a neon revival that is even implemented in makeup. This is how the eyelids in yellow, orange and neon pink shine and even the eyelashes get a nearly fluorescent make-over. Tip for everyday life: The best way to start with a delicate eyeliner in the bang color. The lashes can be emphasized in summer, for example, at the tips. To do this, first shower black and then apply the colored mascara only in the front third.

Big Brows

3)Big Brows

Yes, 2019 will be a year of eyebrows! However, on the autumn-winter shows, the models’ eyebrows were not shaped but left in their natural look. And that means: the thicker, bushier and featherier, the better. For re-styling: For the natural brows, you should only use a little transparent gel. Brush the front third upwards, then style the hair of the remaining brow backwards.

Glitzer Glam

4)Glitzer Glam

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle: Glitter was truly omnipresent at this year’s fashion shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. With the clothes of the designer shimmered then also the makeup to the bet. Whether subtly with a small sparkle on the eyelid, glittering holo-lips or just a whole face in glitter, there was really everything! In everyday life, the look can be worn especially with highlighters: Apply the best in the inner corner of the eye or along the eyelashes. At parties, it may also be a bit more glitter, for example, at the outer corner of the eye, distributed to the cheeks.

Color Crush

5)Color Crush

Loud, louder, loudest: That seemed to have been the motto of many designers at this year’s winter shows. For what attracted attention: especially many models ran with colorful eye makeup on the catwalks. From green to blue to yellow everything was there. In everyday life, you can choose your makeup trends best as a contrasting color to the actual eye color. Green is a great match for purple, blue for yellow and brown for orange.

No Make-up

6)No Make-up

Where the one to race or sparkle, the other is pure restraint with the minimum of makeup announced. A signal that the no-make-up makeup trends 2019 is definitely going on. What you need to know: These pure elf looks are all about the perfect complexion. It is best to apply a primer in front of the light foundation, which compensates for irregularities. A natural alternative is also Mineralfoundations that work with loose pigments!


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