The Top 7 Suit Trends for Men 2019
The Top 7 Suit Trends for Men 2019

The future is going to be good, we can already reveal that much but unfortunately only when it comes to fashion: We start the winter season 2019 with lots of color and warm lambskin coats. Some new suit trends can also be implemented immediately these include:

Men's Fashion

Men’s Fashion – How to wear suit now



Fashionable men put on black and white graphic stripes again. For casual jackets a proven pattern, rather not recommended for business. The fully striped suit trends was also on display, but we think a succinct motif per outfit is more than enough.



The men’s fashion has been moving towards relaxation for years. Although classic is an exciting option for younger audiences, it has to be as casual, casual and comfortable as casual wear. Therefore, it is only logical that the shorts are no longer worn only to T-shirts, but also to classic jackets and shirts.

3)Casual Suit

The suit is so casual and informal as never before. Thanks to lightweight, stretchy fabrics and a radically cleared construction, it almost has the comfort of a jogging suit. He retains the genetics of classic elegance, but is worn very unpopular. Sneakers make for a sporty touch.

Outfit Toolkit

4)Outfit Toolkit

Life is hectic enough, the permanence of the digital parallel world sufficiently challenges the modern man. Therefore, he does not want to wear clothes that impose a lot of effort and thinking. A basic framework of khaki, white, navy and anthracite is a good base to build a versatile and stress-free wardrobe.


The flat-front pants, which have dominated the market virtually solo these past few years, are getting into competition. New trouser volume with loosened hip width are increasingly shown again. The fullness is due to one or two pleats, which incidentally have the advantage that men can put their hands in their pockets again.

Natural Waist

6)Natural Waist

The waistline and thus the waistband gradually slip a few inches higher – to where they belong, in the middle of the silhouette. That’s good, because the deep waist pants were actually a aberration of the fashionable evolution. Especially men who are not very slim look better with a higher waistband.



However, the gentleman’s upper waistline raises the question: how does the leggings stay where the body often has the most volume? The solution has been known for centuries, and it’s back in fashion now: suspenders hold the trousers in place without straining the waistband like the belt.


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