These 8 Ingenious Shoe Hacks make your life easier
These 8 Ingenious Shoe Hacks make your life easier

These tips will make your shoe hacks very beautiful. From shoes we just can not get enough women. But too often the treads look more beautiful than they feel. With these shoe hacks is finally over with sore toes, squeaky shoes and cheese feet! If you apply these shoe hacks, you can catch shoes trends.

Your shoes will be nice with these tips.


1. Never again squeaky shoes

When you’re running, are not you overhearing because your new shoes squeak loudly? Super annoying! The secret weapon for soft soles is: baby powder. Just take out the insole and sprinkle some powder under it or put it directly on the sole. This reduces the friction and the squeak disappears.

Never again squeaky shoes

2. Too narrow shoes

One size bigger would have been the new ballerinas too big, but somehow they are already pretty much pushing. So you can easily widen them: put on thick wool socks and then too tight shoes. Now spend some time in your apartment and then blow dry your feet over the shoes for a few minutes with hot air. Afterwards they are dilated.

Dry permanently dry shoes

3. Dry permanently dry shoes

Even if we do not like talking about it we women too have sweaty feet. Especially when we walk barefoot in ballerinas or sneakers or wear nylon stockings all day long. If the favorite shoes feel wet from running, cat litter will help. Just fill something in a thin sock and put it in the shoe. The cat litter absorbs the moisture and deprives the Stink bacteria so the nutrient medium.

Too narrow shoes

4. Make smelly shoes fresh again

Fragrant dryer cloths provide a fresh scent. Just put in the stinky shoes overnight. You do not want to run extra to the drugstore? Then it tries with dry teabags. They absorb bad odors and leave a fresh scent.

5. Get sneaker again bright white

White sneakers are still one of the absolute trend shoes! Unfortunately, when the weather is dull, the bright white quickly becomes a dirty beige. In the video we show you some great tricks that will make your dirty sneakers look like new again.

Tip: It’s even easier and faster with special cleaning pens for white sneakers.

6. Run painless in high heels

Your feet and toes hurt when you run longer on high heels? Then try this trick: Stick with skin friendly tape your third and fourth toe together , starting from the big toe. Why? Through these two toes runs a nerve that can hurt under load. By taping this place is relieved. Or you use THIS trick to make your high heels more comfortable!


7. Bring leather shoes to shine

No shoe polish ready for your autumn boots? No problem! Just use your body lotion for the care of smooth leather shoes instead of shoe polish. Give a small dab on the shoes and massaging the care in circular movements. What is good for your own skin, leather shoes can not hurt!

8. Avoid blisters in pumps

You want to run in your high heels, but tends to blisters on your feet? Then try this trick: Take a neutral deodorant scooter and rub it over the insides of the shoes. This prevents the formation of bubbles.

I hope you’re satisfied with these shoe hacks. Don’t forget to try it right away.


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